December 5 I Sunday

Daniel 1-2

1 John 4


“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes....”   —Romans 1:16


The source of the gospel is God and was in place before the foundations of the earth were laid. The scope of the gospel spans across the world from generation to generation, which includes every man, woman and child. The substance of the gospel is Jesus Christ, the embodiment of Christianity, and the goal of the gospel is transforming us into the likeness of God. But what about the power of the gospel? How do we see that at work in our lives?

      Everything about the gospel is supernatural. We live in a world that is focused on the tangible: what we can see, touch, hear, smell and resolve intellectually. Very little consideration is given to what exists outside the natural realm, but this is where our relationship with God begins. He is the initiator, and depending on the disposition of our hearts, sends His Holy Spirit to draw us to Him. The Holy Spirit is the One who gives us revelation of Jesus Christ, and the moment we accept Him as Lord and Saviour, the Holy Spirit indwells us. This is a divine work of God that draws us into relationship with Him. 

      To the measure that we nurture our relationship with God will likely be the measure of His working in our lives. We know this is taking place when we begin to have an appetite for the things of God we never had before. His righteousness and goodness become all important to us, and we have a desire to be more Christ-like. The Bible, which may have been the dullest book on the planet before, is no longer just a composition of propositional facts about God and His people, but it speaks to us, and we realize with a profound sense of love and belonging that we are God’s people.

      As a Man on earth, every miracle and wonder Jesus performed was God working through Him. The miracles were not an end in themselves, but a sign that pointed to Him, so that people would believe He was sent by God and that He is the way, the truth and the life. It is Christ who gives energy, power and substance to the Christian life. He works in us first, then through us so that we may become the instruments whereby His message of love, forgiveness, salvation and redemption will be passed on.

      The gospel is not one of numerous options. It is truth, revealed by God in advance, in detail and on schedule—all of which is humanly impossible. But Christ fulfilled it, revealing to us the authenticity of the gospel, and the divine power in which He will work in our lives.


Prayer: Almighty God, thank You for the divine power of Your gospel at work in my life. Continue to grow in me a hunger and thirst for the things of You. May my life glorify Your name. Praise You!


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