June 30 I Tuesday
Job 17-19
Acts 10:1-23

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” —1 Corinthians 3:11

There are many different aspects of our lives—family, friends, faith, health, careers, environments, finances, interests, hobbies, problems, character traits, likes and dislikes. It is layer upon layer which pieces
together the full portrait of a person, all of which stem from a foundation of some sort.
This can be related to an incident that happened quite a while ago. Several years after its completion, there was discovered a crack on the 42nd floor of a large office complex. The Chief Executive Officer of the building management called the architect and asked him to come. When the architect arrived, the CEO took the elevator to the 42nd floor to meet him but did not find him there. Eventually, the architect was found in the basement of the building. “What are you doing here?”
the CEO asked, “The crack is on the 42nd floor.” The architect replied, “You may have a crack on the 42nd floor but your problem is in the basement.”
Apparently, there was a security guard who worked in the building and wanted to build a garage at home but did not have the money for it. Every night he chiselled a brick out of the basement wall and added it to the growing pile in his yard. After months of doing this, a crack suddenly appeared on the 42nd floor, but as the architect acknowledged, the cause had nothing to do with the 42nd floor, but everything to do with the foundation.
There are all kinds of “cracks” we can have on the upper levels of our lives—family breakdowns, moral decay, social and political unrest. These are cracks we do not see coming because the real issue lies in the foundation. Paul tells us no one can lay any foundation except the one that is already laid. If we build our lives on a faulty foundation, one that seeks security in family, careers, monetary gain or status, we can be sure of cracks slipping into the foundation and spreading throughout our lives.
In building our lives upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, we are permanently safe and secure. We can chip away at that foundation by falling prey to a myriad of temptations surrounding us every day, and we will certainly expose ourselves to cracks on every level when seduced by varying sects and new-wave movements, promising prosperity and well-being. The Lord Jesus is not merely an option to choose from; He is the Truth rooted in God’s Word, and no one slips a brick away from Him. He is the only impenetrable foundation there is, and the One we can trust to build our lives upon.
Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, keep me building on You in every area of my life. You are the only secure foundation and always with me. Thank You for all that You are to me.

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