Ezra 9-10
Acts 1

“As He went along, He saw a man blind from birth.” 
—John 9:1

In John 9, Jesus and His disciples saw a man blind from birth. After Jesus’s disciples asked about this man, Jesus spit on the ground, made mud with His saliva, put it on the man’s eyes and told him to wash it in the Pool of Siloam. After the man did what Jesus said, he came back seeing.
If we take a closer look at the event, we will notice that the passage begins with “As He went along....” In other words, Jesus’s encounter with the blind man was not planned, like He had an appointment with this man at a particular location in town to heal him. The blind man also did not have an inkling of what was going to happen to him that day. He probably left home for his usual place to beg; his best-case scenario would be to make more money than the average day. He would not have imagined coming home and seeing his parents for the first time.
The man was blind, but Jesus passed by and saw him. This is the beauty of the gospel: it is not that we found God, saw God or went after God, but that God saw us, had compassion on us, extended mercy to us and initiated the relationship.
God sees us, loves us and knows what He is doing in our life. A few decades ago, there was a woman in Toronto who left an abusive marriage with her three kids. She did not know what to do or how to figure out what was going to happen in the future, so she looked up the number of an astrologer in a phone book. She dialed the number but the number actually belonged to a Christian. Most of us, when we call the wrong person, would hang up, but the Christian lady on the other end told the woman, “I know someone who can tell you everything about your future. In fact, I know someone that not only knows your future, but controls your future.” The woman wanted to know more. Eventually the two ladies built a relationship and the Christian lady invited her to church. The woman came to faith, then her kids and their extended family.
Charles Spurgeon once said, “...it is not your hold on Christ that saves you—it is Christ; it is not your joy in Christ that saves you—it is Christ; it is not even your faith in Christ, though that be the instrument–it is Christ’s blood and merits.” We are saved by God’s grace, not because of anything we did, but that Christ saw us and saved us.
Lord Jesus, thank You that You see me and initiated a relationship with me. I do not know what my future may hold, but I am secure, knowing that You hold my future. Praise You!

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