2 Kings 19-21
John 4:1-30

“‘He Himself bore our sins’ in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; ‘by His wounds you have been healed.’” 1 Peter 2:24

All of us have been wounded at one point in our life. From our experience, what is the deepest wound in our life? Sometimes, the wounds that we go through are the very things that bring us to Jesus.

About a decade ago, I was visiting Bolivia and met a man named Nelson. When he shared his story, his chest heaved as he unlocked painful wounds and secrets from his past. He told me that he was born to a very young mother and, on the day that he was born, his dad died of alcohol poisoning. He grew up in poverty and started to beg to overcome hunger. When his mom found him, she would take him home and beat him, so that he would not leave where they lived.

Eventually, Nelson got himself into some trouble, and his mother said, “Never come home again.” In the midst of his pain, he began to wonder if there was a God. There was nobody to explain this to Nelson, so he decided he would try and change. One night, he was on a train illegally, and he wanted to get some fresh air on the roof of the train. Whether it was on purpose or by accident, somebody pushed him off the roof and Nelson fell under the train. He lost his leg and arm, thinking he was probably going to die. But someone took him to the hospital and he survived his injuries. People went to visit Nelson and said, “God loves you” but Nelson told them off. He was hurt and told God, “I want to be different and look at what happened to me!” Eventually, when he began to heal, a woman visited him, gave him a New Testament and said, “God has kept you alive and therefore He must have a purpose for your life.” From that day, Nelson began to read the New Testament.

I have never heard of anybody coming to Christ over this verse but Nelson did. When Nelson read, “If your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell” (Matthew 5:30), he responded, “Thank You, God.” Nelson had found his way to God literally through his wounds.

Have we ever noticed that the resurrected body of Jesus Christ has wounds? Why were these wounds part of His glorified body? Because His wounds are the place of our healing. Like Nelson, may we allow God’s healing power to come into our wounds.

Dear Jesus, thank You for bearing my sins and dying on the cross on my behalf. By Your wounds, I am healed. Praise You, Lord.

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