July 23 I Thursday

Psalms 33-34

Acts 24

“Summon Your power, O God, the power, O God, by which You have worked for us.”   —Psalm 68:28, ESV


A number of years ago, there was a popular worship song with a chorus that repeats the line, “Show Your power, oh, Lord, our God.” I remember being in a worship service and we were singing that chorus over and over again. I was caught up in the passion and the emotion of the worship service. I felt like I was having what I describe as a “Holy Ghost” moment, where I was just caught up with who God is.

As I was caught up in that moment, I felt as though the Spirit was saying to me, “You want to see My power?” Then I respond, “Yes, Lord, show Your power, oh Lord my God.” He answers, “You really want to see My power?” And I answered, “Yes, Lord, give it to me. I want to see Your power.”

I did not know what I was expecting. Maybe a sign from God like being hit by lightning or fire in my bones to be blazing outside of me. I do not know. I was just waiting for this spectacular moment to take place. Then, as I was worshipping, the Spirit asks, “Do you want to see My power?” And I am like, “Yes Lord, show me Your power.” At that moment, I saw a series of visions: Jesus in a manger, Jesus having to flee for His life from Herod the Great, Jesus being baptized alongside sinners in the Jordan River, Jesus associating with the unclean, Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane crying tears of blood and Jesus being nailed to a cross.

The Spirit said to me again, “You want to see My power? I think your definition of power
and My definition of power might manifest in a different way.” While I was looking for some mighty display of power, God was displaying His power through laying down His life for others.

When we think of asking God to reveal His power, do we visualize it in moments of His humility? When Jesus was with His disciples, He continually revealed to them His power and His authority, but He was also revealing to them His priorities and His activities. We can know a lot about the message of Jesus but miss the heart of Jesus. We may even have the mind of Christ, but we
also need to have the heart of Christ. As our lives reflect the power of God living inside of us, may we choose to love and care for others as Christ did.

Prayer: O Lord, thank You for Your power that is manifested in Your humility. May I reflect Your power to others through Your love in Me. Amen!

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