October 29 I Saturday

Jeremiah 18-19

2 Timothy 3



“May God be gracious to us and bless us…”    —Psalm 67:1


We live in a time of much uncertainty with the war in Ukraine and political turmoil in Haiti. Or closer to home, in our own lives, we may be struggling with broken relationships, financial difficulties and loss of direction. In times when fear and doubt could easily creep into our lives and debilitate us, may we remember that God is absolutely able. He knows what we are facing and He is well prepared to deal with it.

       I (Sandra Ryan) was in Ukraine a few months ago helping with the crisis because of the war. I cannot imagine what it is like to pack your whole life into a bag and flee your home. One of the partners of The Peoples Church (Toronto, Canada), Health Partners International, had blessed us with a large shipment of basic medical supplies and medications that we could give to people. Part of the shipment contained children’s vitamins. As we were unpacking the shipment at the church, where families were fleeing for refuge, we had a young girl helping us to translate the instructions so that people would know how to take it properly. The young girl came to me and asked, “Sandra, do you mind if I take these vitamins and give a pack to Sophie?” Through my time in Ukraine, I had the privilege of meeting Sophie, a young mom with a six-year-old son. I responded, “Well, we haven’t really started distribution yet” but the young girl reasoned, “I really feel that it’s important.” Then the young girl, led by the Lord, took the vitamins to Sophie.

       The next day, Sophie came up to me and said, “For the first time since I have left my home, I slept through the night. I had trouble sleeping because I was not able to find peace in my heart on what lies ahead for my young son. I was packing all my things but completely forgot his vitamins on the kitchen counter. When the young girl came to me and handed me the children’s vitamins, it was like God’s way of saying, ‘I see you and I see your son.’”

       We can all rest assured knowing that God has everything under control. No matter how chaotic or out of control the situation may be, He is prepared, He is ready and He is gracious. As the psalmist from the opening verse of this devotion prays, “May God be gracious to us and bless us.” Everything good in our life starts because of God’s grace. The grace we received from God is His deep, unconditional and unswerving love for us. Even in the unknown, He sees us.

Prayer: Gracious God, I cannot understand what is happening around the world and in my own life, but one thing I know is that You see what is going on and You are in control. Thank You for pouring Your grace and Your love into me. 

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