Daniel 11-12



“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” —Proverbs 17:17

David’s mighty men were the ones who stuck by David when he was a fugitive on the run and were his most trusted and loyal warriors during his reign. The interesting thing is that many of them were better fighters than David. In fact, one of them had to save David’s life when he was about to be killed by a Philistine giant. The people that God brings into our life may be more capable than we are. But are we going to be threatened by them, jealous and then push them away? Or are we going to celebrate that God could bring someone so capable into our lives?

When we take a closer examination at the names of David’s mighty men, did we notice that they were identified either as the brother or son of someone, or the town they were from? If they were identified as the son of someone or brother of someone, the implication was that whoever that someone was, was known to the original audience. For example, “Asahel the brother of Joab” (1 Chronicles 11:26). Joab was the commander in chief of David’s army. In other words, some of the men on David’s list were people of reputation or connected to someone famous. Others on the list were simply identified by the town that they came from because that was the only thing they were known for. For example, “Hurai from the ravines of Gaash” (1 Chronicles 11:32). These were people under the radar, commoners. While most of David’s mighty men were from the tribe of Judah, there were some from other tribes as well as foreigners, such as “…Zelek the Ammonite…Uriah the Hittite… Ithmah the Moabite…” (1 Chronicles 11:39, 41, 46).

From the diverse background of David’s mighty men, we can learn that God will bring people into our life who are very different from us. The differences may be so great that we do not want to get to know them. We may have expectations of who we want God to bring as a mighty man or woman into our life, but is that who God wants for us? Take time to pray. God may

send us someone that we did not expect. It may make us uncomfortable to build a relationship with them, but God brought them into our life and if we make the effort, we may have an amazing person who has got our back.

While we may be impressed by the reputation of people, God sees the heart. May God reveal to us the mighty man or woman in our life who knows Him, knows His plans and knows our place in His plans.

Lord Heavenly Father, I ask that You reveal to me whom You have placed in life to be a mighty man or woman in my life. Thank You, Lord.

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