CD: The I AM Statements of Jesus (7 Part Series)

CD: The I AM Statements of Jesus (7 Part Series)

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Christianity makes no real sense until we know that Christ is the essential content of the Christian life. It is not a creed that we simply ascribe to. Not simply a belief system or a lifestyle. He isn't just a giver of life; He is the life that He gives. That's what makes Christianity more than a religion, more than an ethic,more than a lifestyle, more than the empty dream of an idealist. It is that Christ Himself. is God's gift to us.

Jesus doesn't say, "I will feed you the bread of life". He says, "I am the bread of life." Not, "I will switch on the light for you" but "I am the light of the world." Not, "I will open the door," but "I am the door." Not, "I will show you the way," but "I am the way." Not, "I will teach you the truth," but "I am the truth." Not, "I will give you the light" – "I am the light." Now each of these "I am" statements require a response. None of them are passive.

In this inspiring series The 'I AM' statements of Jesus, Charles Price challenges us to discover what does the "I am" mean in, "I am the bread of life", 'I am the light of the world' and so on? And secondly, our participation—how do I eat the bread of life and become a beneficiary of it?