CD: Hebrews (8 Part Series)

CD: Hebrews (8 Part Series)

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Hebrews builds a bridge from the Old Covenant, recorded in our Old Testament, to the New Covenant inaugurated by the Lord Jesus Christ about which is the theme of our New Testament. This book is one of the richest books in the New Testament and helps us to understand how the Old Testament relates to Christ. 

There is a better covenant. It is founded on better promises. There is a better law that is written in our hearts, not on tablets of stone. We have a better sacrifice and mediator between God and man. There is a better remedy for sin - not just forgiveness but cleansing from a guilty conscience that is internal. 

In this series, Charles Price exhorts us to read and understand the book of Hebrews and realize its significance as the bridge between the Old and New Testaments. Experience the New Covenant and the fullness that is ours to enjoy in Christ Jesus.