March 25, 2020

Dear Living Truth Family,

Covid-19 has caused fear and anxiety all around us. We know that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of peace, love and a sound mind. We’re choosing to trust that God is in control, not in a way that is careless, but in a way that is wise and proactive to care for those around us who are more vulnerable.

As you join Living Truth on Sundays, you may see programs reflecting a full church service. Please do not be alarmed - these programs have been previously recorded prior to Covid-19. In the coming months, as we continue to broadcast Living Truth you may notice some subtle changes that do not include images of The Peoples Church auditorium where we normally record our messages. This is due in part to our efforts to present current messages that are pre-recorded in a safe and controlled environment, with limited production personnel.

We invite you to continue tuning in to Living Truth every Sunday for clear Biblical teaching that is gospel centered and globally engaged. You can stay connected in the following ways: 

 In times of uncertainty, confusion and great concern there are always things we can do as a family and the body of Christ to care for each other and offer support. We realize for many viewers, Living Truth is your church. And as your church we encourage you to keep the following in mind:

PRAY: Continue to ask God to heal individuals infected with the virus, to protect healthcare professionals, give wisdom to our leaders and officials and for His peace to fill our hearts.

SERVE: Consider your neighbours and family who are impacted by the virus and how you might be able to express the love of Christ. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a phone call or two to ensure your family and friends doing are okay.
  • Pick up/drop off groceries or toiletries for a neighbour.
  • Help someone get access to our online resources and worship services on YouTube.

LEARN: Visit trusted public health information sites for updates and read about the preventative measures we can take to keep our community healthy.

UPDATE: As information changes, continue to stay connected to reliable sources.

Together we can all do our part to keep our community, family and friends safe and healthy.

In Christ,

Brett McBride
Lead Pastor